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  • Al Alamein Hotel Sidi Abdelrahman
  • 2023-08-29 14:00 to 2023-09-01 2:00
  • Artabitta

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Art Festival @ Al Alamein Hotel

Al Alamein Hotel Sidi Abdelrahman

2023-08-29 14:00 to 2023-09-01 2:00
29 August 2023



Organizer's other events

Art Festival @ Al Alamein Hotel

Al Alamein Hotel Sidi Abdelrahman

2023-08-29 14:00 to 2023-09-01 2:00
29 August 2023


Participating Talents

  • Amira Fouad
  • Amna Elshandweely
  • Ashraf Habashi
  • Be’shan
  • Caroline Berzi
  • David Vilchez
  • Dina AbdelNabi
  • Esraa Zeidan
  • Fady Chamaa
  • Farid Toulan
  • Fathy Ali
  • Hala el Sharouny
  • Jaida Zakaria
  • Jayden Oath
  • Juditta Salem
  • Karin Strobl
  • Ksenia
  • Kamar Shafie
  • Liz Cardenas
  • Maher Diab
  • Manuela Rathje
  • Mariana Soledad
  • Marianne Fanous
  • Masouda Stelzer
  • Mai El Toukhy
  • Mizo Gamal
  • Nadah Agwa
  • Nour Ashour
  • Salam Yousry
  • Samer El Farouk
  • Shahira Morsi
  • Shaimaa Darwish
  • Sherif Nakhla
  • Suzie Arafa
  • Zeinab Khalil
  • Weam Ismail

29 August – 1 September 2019

Special Thanks to Nora Labib, Amira Fouad, Yasmine ElGammal, Tamer Khedr and EMAAR Team

We are happy to announce ARTABITTA 5th edition in collaboration with Galleria Soul! This year in Al Alamein Hotel’s presidential suite, Marassi. Here over 25 artists come together for this 3-day Art Festival to share their Love of Art with you. Get ready for a multi-sensory experience featuring live music performances, plates created by the most innovative of chefs, and artwork from the canvases of acclaimed and emerging artists alike. This year we are going international as well as local with artists from Egypt and Germany, Netherlands, Venezuela and Lebanon. Cool tunes of Mizo Gamal, Nour Ashour, Sherif Nakhla and Weam Ismail. We’ve created a celebration and showcase of all things creative.

Everyday from 2pm to 2am The festivities take place at the presidential Villa Hakim of Al Alamein Hotel, situated by the beautiful beach in Marassi. You will find your musical preferences in this varied assortment of genres:

* Thursday 29th of August the doors open at 2.00 pm
At Sunset Electro Acoustic, Sherif Nakhla & Violin by Amira Foad.
Starting 9pm, easy funk beach party to the tunes of Sherif Nakhla

* Friday 30th of August starting 2:00pm to 2:00am

Starting 2pm

  • Root Fusion, Weam Ismail Band
  • Electro Acoustic, Mizo Gamal, Nour Ashour on the sax and Buds on the keyboard.
  • Jamming by the sea, an open session for all artists around to join in creation

Starting 9pm to 2am

  • Surprise Live Band by the sea.

* Saturday 31st of August starting 2.00pm to 2am

  • An Art Auction for enthusiasts and charity while enjoying ethnic world tunes and jazz. Registration for the auction required.

Over the 3 days food will be taken care of by the passionate chef Farid Toulan owner of Freds Catering Co. who will prepare a range of finger food and appetizers starting 5 pm.

The villa door will be open for the exhibition with Paintings, Fashion Design, Glass Art, Sculptures and more (Follow us for more news about the artists participating)

Oh right, now its time for you to pick you dates and contact us for reservations. So you make sure you’re on the guest list and able to access the premises as limited invitations are available.

Reservations must be made through this link: https://forms.gle/mSxQqL7PveNBoaDb6

Soft drinks will be also provided, feel free to bring your own bottle along, corkage free of charge☺