Caroline Berzi (b. 1988) resides in Cairo where she received her degree in Business Administration. Following a 7-year career as a financial analyst, her passion for the arts led her to become a full-time artist focused in painting and mixed media to communicate ecological challenges. Inspired by ancient Egyptian heritage, the artist produces colorful artworks using discarded plastic materials to represent nature’s fragility and beauty through sacred flowers. Caroline recently graduated from SACI Florence with a Post-Bac Studio Art degree in 2019. Berzi’s did one Solo show (Genesis, Motion Art Gallery, 2020) and participated in several group shows: Different Melodies (Ubuntu, 2019), Pendulum (Florence, 2019), The Fleeting Other (Florence, 2019), LePasha (Cairo, 2017) and Artabitta (Cairo, 2015 & 2019).


Artist statement

Caroline’s work aims to converse a poetic tempo of dramatic scenes using untraditional tools, a variety of surfaces in response to everyday environments. Her art is abstract and non-representational in style. 


Caroline collects used consumable materials, modifies them into deformed miniature sculptures and assembles them to resemble petrified corals using an all-white painted color. She draws her concern over pollution caused by manufactured goods and society’s low recycling awareness. Her sculpture piece named “Eighty-Two” is the total number of plastic bottles gathered and turned into a durable coral display. She invite people to consider plastic as an art medium and not garbage.