Dina AbdelNabi is a multimedia artist, living in Cairo she studied anthropology and art history at the American University in Cairo,1984. Presented her thesis on the educational experiments of Habib Gorgi and Ramses Wissa Wassef in fostering spontaneous artistic expressions.

Joined Helwan University Fine Arts open section in 1982, then studied painting at Kunooz Atelier with Mostafa Razzaz and Farghali AbdelHafiz, 1983.
Managed and interned at the Liliane Karnouk Art School, 1985.

She also studied photography and design in Canberra, Australia, where she focused on Aboriginal art. 1990-1992

Through further travels, she pursued the examination of cultural expressions of feminine folk arts of the Balkan States, and the traditional wax print motifs of African textiles in South Africa and Mozambique.

In 2014, she joined the atelier of Mostafa Razzaz, where she began to experiment with natural dyes and prints, and attempted to bridge the traditional modalities of applied arts and the conceptuality of her personal artistic expression.

During this time, she participated in many group exhibitions, and her works have been acquired by the Museum of Contemporary Egyptian Art, and many private collections.