Hamid Spahi is Founder and Head of Arts & Design of the Mosaic Studio
MILLE PEZZI which recently moved from Berlin, Germany, to Cairo.
Mille Pezzi is Cairo’s new home for modern mosaic. It’s a true artist’s
atelier, it’s an institution for learning the art of mosaics, and it’s a hub
for inspiring mosaic items and mosaic art pieces, made by its creative
head, the Architect and Urban Planner Hamid Spahi – who’s being
assisted and supported by partner and wife Nadine Gueissa, Architect
and Marketeer DBA.

Hamid Spahi was born in 1965 to a German mother and an Egyptian
father. He lived, studied and worked in Germany. In 2013 he came to
pitch his new home base in his father’s country, today sort of
commuting between both “homes away from home”, enjoying the
inspiring force fields of both countries.
In his work Hamid Spahi combines his various skills and expertise. He
studied the art of mosaic at a mosaic master in Montreal, Canada.
Apart from that he benefits from skills such as structural planning and
design of buildings and urban spaces, object design, interior design, and
the knowledge of several handcrafts such as carpentry and
While teaching mosaics in workshops of different levels, he follows
another of his pleasures: getting together with people, and, in sharing
the good spirit of art and openheartedness, forming a social mosaic.
But most of all his profound skills and never ending joy of drawing and
painting, together with a strong sense for proportions and technical
feasibility gave Hamid Spahi the heart and passion to follow his many
inspirations – getting to be one of the upcoming mosaic artists in Egypt.

“Whatever it is – it’s better in Mosaic!”