While breaking away from his work in TV production in 2013, he found refuge in writing, shooting and directing his own films. Eskander is a passionate filmmaker and enjoys multi-tasking… He believes in the power of films to inspire, provoke, cause debate and change people’s minds… and strongly counters the production model of BIG CREW and BIG EQUIPMENT to create the simple stories, which are meant to be told. After working professionally, in Egypt, as First Assistant Director in numerous TV and online advertising campaigns for big brands such as Redbull, Chevrolet and Coca Cola… etc. and later on working on big TV shows such as “El Bernameg”, “Amreeka Bel ‘Araby” and “Ramadan Galak”, Eskander decided to create a balance between his freelance roles in the media industry (camera operator, executive director, editor, producer and director) and his passion to have a more loose guerrilla-approach to film-making, where he enjoys directing films that hold a deeper meaning and steer from passion. 

Drifter Films is Hani R. Eskander’s independent film label. In 2015, he independently produced and directed 2 films.


The first is a short 5min film. This short visual poem is a nostalgic take on how Agami was and how it became and to question, where is it heading? What happened to this beautiful coastal gem? A small microcosm of the environmental and heritage destruction around Egypt that is quite prevalent these days. This short film was officially selected to screen in several online film festivals.

The other is a 45min documentary and another is a short documentary, a story of an orthopedic surgeon from Agami and how his close relationship to the sea, philosophy of life, firm principles and passion for woodwork led him to rediscover his true potential away from what most societies call success routes. On his journey he encounters kindred spirits who flock together in pursuit of happiness, freedom and self-expression. The film won Best Short Documentary Film at the 5th Toronto Beaches Film Festival in 2016.

Hani currently juggles between his work as an independent filmmaker and his more commercial work on films, ads and promotional videos.

Drifter Films (official website): www.drifterfilms.net
Drifters (Trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8pM_oZCVq8

Drifters (Full Film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDWL_HmXEv0
Oh My! Oh Agami!(Full Film): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SsXtKAaxcU


“Every story ever told is a perspective