Ever since I was a child I used to love drawing.. every time I lay my eyes on a plain piece of paper or even at the back of my school books I instantly find myself drawing on them.
Then when I visited to Upper Egypt I was really overwhelmed with their culture, their simplicity and their behavior.. and that’s where all my “Falahat” art pieces are inspired from.
After a while, my father passed away which was devastating and turning point into my life, and the only way that helped me overcome this tragedy was to spend hours and hours of none stop drawing.. started with drawing on silk.. then pastel drawing then I started adding acrylic then finally I began using Oil on wide canvas areas (which was my favorite!) and I also find myself prefer drawing with my bare fingers and not brushes.
My art inspiration mainly comes from my love to old Cairo hence all my paintings of Egypt Castle, Old Cairo and its mosques were inspired from.
And also the fact that I was raised in Sufism home made me adore the “Darawish” and the Sufism theme since I was a little girl.
And finally my continuous obsession for flowers helped look at flowers from a different perspective and that’s why I happily draw them all the time as it makes me feel alive.

“I happily draw them all the time as it makes me feel alive.”