Karam Mourad is an Egyptian singer from Nubia who performs Oriental and Nubian tones. He represented Egypt in several nations including Germany, Italy, Croatia, and the United States. He learned singing and playing the oud from his uncle the internationally acclaimed musician Hamza Alaa-ElDin (http://www.hamzaeldin.com). He recorded 3 duet songs with the Italian musician Pino Daniele. And played the lead musical role in the theatrical production “Al Toq Wal Iswira” or the “Collar and the Bracelet” by Yahia AlTaher directed by Nasser AbelMoneim. He participated in the October celebrations 2000 with his song, “ElNeel Biyitmasha” or “The Nile Strolls”.
Link to an interview of his in AlAhram Weekly: http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2008/907/cu2.htm