Maher Diab is a Canadian Lebanese visual artist who masters the use of colour, texture and form. One cannot categorize Maher’s work as 2D, because he’s continuously pushing the creative envelope of colour vs canvas and form vs space. Being in the presence of his art is a sensory immersive experience. His artistic expression is not something that falls within the familiar; instead, it pushes the viewer’s boundaries, either inwardly or outwardly. His signature style lies in his sculptural approach to compositions. Also, the use of different media creates multiple layering in his paintings, which to him resemble the various physical and emotional levels one encounters on a daily basis. His subjects are almost never solitary and tend to portray various levels of social interactions. What ties his body of work together is the sheer vivacity and liveliness of the art piece as a whole.

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EGP 8,000.00

The Encounter

EGP 20,000.00

Night And Day

EGP 15,000.00

The Reader

EGP 24,000.00

Catch Me If You Can

EGP 12,500.00

Where the Roads Collide

EGP 12,000.00

Peeping Tom

EGP 21,000.00

A Dream of Truth

EGP 25,000.00


EGP 10,000.00

She’s The Hunter

EGP 26,000.00


EGP 28,000.00

Under My Skin

EGP 12,000.00

Warm Winter Day

EGP 8,000.00


EGP 30,000.00

The Threat

EGP 14,000.00


EGP 23,000.00

I Dream I’m Falling

EGP 14,000.00

The Chair of Knowledge

EGP 16,000.00

The Mantis Whisper

EGP 9,000.00

Long Silence

EGP 18,000.00
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