Menna graduated with a bachelor degree in architecture from the Cairo University in 2007. After that she worked as an architect and interior designer for four years in Cairo and then in Frankfurt.

Her passion for furniture design began early on as a hobby. In June 2010, one of her pieces was featured in an article by the CNN which encouraged her to pursue this path professionally. She founded her own company Menna Abouzeid Designs in June 2012.

Living a diverse lifestyle between Egypt and Germany has awakened her gratitude for both worlds. She attends the biggest exhibitions in Europe and observes the latest trends and business concepts and then goes back to Cairo appreciating more than ever its charming old souks where she hunts for raw materials and finally implements her ideas with the help of Egypt’s finest craftsmanship and brings them from paper to life.

Like many local artists Menna was inspired by the revolution and expressed her anger and rebelliousness through her designs. Her mission is to translate the Egyptian identity into her pieces while using different and unique patches each represents a different angel of the country’s individuality and history.