Got my artistic talent from every part of my family.
Art has always been my greatest interest in all its forms, music, fine arts and more.
Studying Animation in the Higher Cinema Institute of Egypt gave me great exposure to various elements of art including painting, directing, photography and more. No wonder, my school teachers have always believed I’ll be an artist one day. I loved Geology and Geography! These two preferred subjects were early signs of my coming passion. Stones and exploring new places, in other words exploring nature & running away of the city life.
Stones are my passion. Courageous exploitation of colors is my main tool. Contemplating charm of stones is the main inspiration for my designs. This is what defines my style I suppose, since I do believe getting in touch with Mother Nature is a big positive relief to me & I guess to everyone.
I was lucky enough being a beginner to get the chance of doing exhibitions in prestigious art galleries in Cairo. Those exhibitions gave the chance for famous Egyptian artists to see my work and encourage me which was an incredible boost.
I always say if you want to know someone you should see what they do, I guess my work reflects who I am. Every piece I make reflects a part of my soul.
Love to all my supporters

“If you want to know someone you should see what they do