Was born in Damascus 1962, In 1965 his family travel to Egypt, A new life in a land of natural beauty.
Judo and karate consumed Rafelʹs mind and body during his early years, train him to become a master in patience enabling him to befriend a different kind of adversary and to capture him in a whole new light.

After academic years at Cairo University, Rafel worked as hard as he had trained. Eventually his work led him to Sharm El Sheikh Underneath the surface of the water, Rafel found a poetry of his own in a vast and beautiful world. Since then and over 25 years of diving, Rafel had become an acclaimed photographer and had received a multitude of distinguished awards. His collections have been widely published and used to internationally promote Egyptian tourism and for the conversation of marine life and nature.

His knowledge of the Red sea led him to participate in producing Egyptʹs 1001 beaches campaign in 2008 for the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, and producing “IRIS” a 15 min. slideshow for the Chamber of diving & Watersports booth stand at the dive fairs in most European countries.