I’ve spent the last 17 years of my life working in leading PR agencies in Egypt, San Francisco and Dubai.  I was the General Manager of Hill+Knowlton Strategies Egypt (H+K) over the last 10 years where I had the privilege of working with not only some of the world’s biggest companies, but also with Egypt’s key economic ministries. It was a very fulfilling job, not a boring day, but it was also very hectic and fast paced. Then I fell in love 3 years ago and got married. My mother in law is world renowned artist, Britt Boutros Ghali. She inspired the heck out of me with her abstract paintings. A year into my marriage, I decided to resign from H+K to take a much needed break. Once I was out of the corporate world, I had so much time on my hands, a luxury I didn’t have for so many years. So I mustered the courage to go have a painting session with Britt for fun. And that was the beginning of my birth as an artist. She introduced me to her magical world of abstract art and took me under her wings as her pupil. I fell madly in love with painting and found it very healing, joyful and satisfying. I created my own art studio at home and started obsessively painting every day. I channeled the discipline I have from the corporate world and invested all my time in this newly discovered passion. It has been 2 years now that I’ve been painting and I plan to continue.

“I fell madly in love with painting and found it very healing, joyful and satisfying.”