Salam Yousry is a painter, writer and theatre director, based in Cairo. He founded Al-Tamye Theatre Group in 2002 and the Combo Independent Festival in 2012. After his graduation in 2004, Salam worked as a Teaching Assistant in the Painting Department in The Faculty of Fine Arts, Helwan University. He also curated the Fonoon Art Gallery and Bookshop in 2005. In 2009, Salam managed the “eka3 for Independent Music Production and Distribution” office in Cairo. In 2010, Salam founded The Choir Project, an initiative that invites members of the public to participate in workshops of collective creation, during which lyrics are collectively written and turned into songs for public performance. Salam has since led community-based workshops in song writing and performance in Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Cairo, Graz, London, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Baku, Budapest, Istanbul and Geneva. Salam has worked as a professional illustrator. He has also produced several music videos, documentaries and short films.