Gazwareen Driftwood Furniture is the precious child of Designer Maker Shahir Maged, producing hand crafted, aesthetic, sturdy and faithfully functional Green Furniture from Driftwood collected piece by piece form the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandrian born and raised, Shahir, grew up between Alexandria and Agami, in close relation to the Mediterranean, aspiring all its colors and influences and forging a tight bond with its energy. Drawn with a big love to the sea and wood, due to the influence of his father, Prof. Dr. Maged Mikhail, who loved the sea and carpentry, Shahir started collecting driftwood from the beach. He was inspired by the rustic beauty of this wood, worn out by the elements after travelling the seas and acquiring all its spirit.


Coming from a family of doctors and professors he studied and trained to be an Orthopaedic surgeon and chose bone surgery specifically because of its resemblance to wood work. After practicing medicine for ten years as a successful doctor while doing wood work as a serious hobby, he decided to quit surgery and dedicate his time to his lifelong passion of working with wood. Today, he combines the elements of beauty, simplicity and the historical value of the driftwood to produce furniture and household items that are not only artistic but practical, very durable and filled with good energy as they are made with a lot of love, Mazag and attention to detail. In addition, making driftwood furniture is a form of recycling. Most of the wood he uses would have ended up as garbage or just burnt. Shahir has always been in love with nature and concerned with its well-being. Thus, bringing art and green thinking together to produce furniture that is useful for everyday life seems to be the ultimate goal for him.


Dr Shahir is a multidisciplinary artist, beside music, he is an accomplished wood artist (Gazwareen Driftwood Furniture). He also happens to be a well trained orthopedic surgeon.

Shahir has been djing since 1993 with a very wide range of music influences: Tribal, Oriental, Disco, Funk, House, Latin House, African, Jazz and others and you can hear all of the above in his sets. His Djing evolved from records to tapes to CDs and now computers.

He collaborated with DJ Nitrane (Amir Farag) to form the “Masters at Funk”, in 2005. They are known for their happy funky vibes and high energy. Together, they played at some of Egypt’s most favored and famous venues and festivals. The way they play music today is very different from what they did ten years ago. They exploit the digital power available now to mix sounds from electronic instruments like drum machines and synthesizers with the music they play to build a unique sound. This has made the Djing world much more interesting for them as it enables creativity, experimentation and regeneration of the music.

When Shahir started pursuing music production, he was soon put off by the fact that he had to sit infront of a computer. Shahir started using real hardware electronic  gear which meant  more technical complexity but produced much warmer sounds that are like candy to the ear . All sounds could be manipulated on the machines in a live situation which adds spice and versatility. These music machines have a life of their own and can be tweaked in so many ways that every time a piece of music is played, it’s never exactly the same. This keeps the music always alive. So Shahir produces, records and performs his music on the machines. It’s a live, dynamic and exciting method.

“Bringing art and green thinking together to produce furniture that is useful for everyday life seems to be the ultimate goal for him.”