The simple life of Agamy Alexandria Egypt specially at winter time gave me the time to experiment in photography and get inspired. It was just a hobby that came up in a family annual trip to Luxor back in 2004 and changed my life.
I bought my first analog camera to break the routine with no interest in photography. Since that day I have been slowly getting attached to photography but for some reason I decided to study Mechatronics as I thought photography is more of a hobby. However, I accidentally found myself a full time photographer during the early years in college. I wanted to discover the right and wrong rather than learn them and create my own rules and understand how to break them…. I gradually got interested in filmmaking after meeting the Director Hani Eskander in 2015 while working on his film Drifters. He made me believe that making a film is possible…

Doing my first Video Art Film in 2017 shot and directed by me 8:00AM Film. Experimenting without knowing the rules. then I Started my first documentary Qulaan Preserved (to be finished in 2 years.) Getting obsessed with motion picture and finishing 8:00AM encouraged me in 2017 to study in the high cinema institute cinematography department. Its fun and nice in an older age to be still studying … Its more conscious studying and brings out the students spirit that has always inspired me.

I currently work as a freelance AC and I direct and shoot some gigs

“I want to discover the right and wrong rather than learn them. Find my own rules and break them